Friday, July 19, 2013

Abstract art in progress - E. Moo Young's studio

Normally, I start with random pen lines. Tracing my thoughts on paper. Today, I'm starting with some collage elements.

Then using a brush loaded with white acrylic, I start my journey across the paper... with my thoughts far away... what's in the news locally... overseas... what's hitting the headlines on the news channels-CNN, BBC, MSNBC ... what's the latest in sports - cricket, football, athletics ... the murderous headlines, brutality, refugees. Then their are the latest list of millionaires, billionaires and the IPO's. The unfolding of cures in the health industry, the latest technology, smarter phones, hybrid cars, Apple's latest surprise, global warming, natural disasters, bickering politicians... the brush is flowing, acrylic is being splattered... a yellow background? Such are the thoughts and actions that lead to this piece of art in progress.

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