Thursday, May 28, 2009

Darwin in abstraction - the debate

This abstract artwork developed after I thought of doing a pen and line approach this time. Sometimes changing the medium, whether starting with pen lines, painting with a brush or using collage elements can trigger further thoughts and approaches. Here I stuck with a fluid line, wandering across the page. Abstract lines flowing, shapes forming, finally a head-like structure at the top. But the lines, flat in the beginning, began to require more volume. Subtle shading, gave the forms a swollen animated appearance. Shading the edges, short staccato lines added to the bulbous, swollen forms. Still colorless abstract forms. Then color was added to give additional depth to the forms and the object became more animated, more alive. Soft acrylic washes were added to the forms as well as the background.

The title 'Darwin" came to mind after the artwork was finished. Currently, the debate about Charles Darwin's theory of evolution rages on. The Catholic and Anglican Church appear to be more tolerant in the face of scientific evidence unfolding. The Fundamentalists, less tolerant, will not hear of any discussion other than the earth was made in seven days and God created man on the third day. I wonder what Abraham, father of the 3 great religions would be saying. Were there any awareness of dinosaurs in his time? Or that earth appears to have been evolving for many millions of years?

This is a small work-8.5 by 11 inches. Small is beautiful. Sometimes small works can trigger larger meaning and thoughts.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abstract art-collage-"Corrugate"

In Abstract Art and Collage, juxtaposing one element against the next, changes the relationship immediately. Is one larger than the other? Is it the color, the texture that contrast against the other? It it night or day? Collage and abstract art fuse well together. In this collage, the corrugated cardboard with its rough edges contrast the smoother paper with its bold colors. Drawings are pasted, then subdued in misty colors. Its an abstract contemporary composition against a black ground, night meeting day. Are elements corroding each other.

It's difficult to accurately define this kind of art. Abstract art. Modern Art. Expressionistic art. Created from a build up, a synthesis of elements placed beside, above, hiding some, revealing others in an ongoing process. Painting, splashing, drawing, scratching, pasting, any device to get at the truth. The truth that lies hidden on the paper. Hidden in the mind, waiting to be revealed on the paper or whichever ground is used.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colossus in abstract

Though, in this abstract painting, the intention was not to depict an object. Gradually, what emerged appeared to be a towering figure, so tall the head was out of sight. It reminded me of the Greek statue- the Colossus of Rhodes. This was a depiction of the Greek god Helios, erected between 292 and 280 BC. It was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Before its destruction, by earthquake in 226 BC, it stood 107 feet high. One of the tallest structures in the ancient world. Its ruins was still visible 800 years later. Writers of that era said, it was difficult to wrap their arms around a finger. So huge was the figure.

Are there seven wonders of the modern world today? So many amazing feats have been invented and erected.

The painting ,is a mixed media composition using acrylic washes, collage, and pen lines.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Averting ecological disaster

Could I have averted ecological disaster? A decade ago, a hedge of crotons, about a dozen trees to be exact, were thriving on the eastern section of my home. I took photos of it, A close-up of a leaf soon revealed a nest of white flies, thickly encrusted on the underside of the leaves. The flower shops recommended a pesticide, friends suggested using dishwashing liquid. Others suggested drastic pruning. But all efforts failed. The flies had their day. Ecological damage, it seemed was not only caused by man, but also the relentless reproduction of millions of insects. Hollywood is right, one day we'll be overtaken by insects. Invasion by the millions, insect sprays can only have limited effect as they relentlessly invade and destroy everything edible in sight.
Fortunately, I, with terror-filled eyes sat upright. Awakened from a page torn out of a Kafka novel, but alive.

The semi-abstract artwork "Avert" is a collage, using photos, stamps, acrylic paint and threads.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Portals reduced to abstraction

Digital abstract art experiments, usually start with a digital photo. Then it's attacked, digitally, and many 'painterly' transformation starts to take place. Employing various techniques opens many new possibilities, dark colours, replaced by bright colors and the work begins an improvisational dance. A flattening of form. The work becomes less visibly representational and increasingly abstract. A juggling of elements. The unusual emerges, a new entity is released, Sometimes, it's the start of a new kind of exploration. A series seem like the only solution, so that the theme can be fully studied.

In this transformation of an interior, the whole scene is relentlessly reduced to colored diagonal lines. Dark,brooding lines, aside bright ones, an interplay of unusual colors. What lies ahead? This abstract digital experiment is titled "Elph portals." More abstract digital art can be seen at

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 abstract faces

The abstract journey continues. The same effort to paint and draw was equal in proportion to what I scratched away. The more I used a knife and razor blade to scratch away sections of the painting, more elements, forms and shapes were revealed. An exploration into unknown territory. Each quadrant, seperated by it's own boundary, yet linked by color and abstract forms.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Abstract Guardian Angel

Having no need for an earthly base, the angel hovers in mid-air. The abstract lines fluidly informs the figure and moves to another place. Though the original intention was to let the lines flow, the apparent figure hovered and emerged. Color was added to the released form. Starting with pen lines, the acrylic colors were added to give volume to what was before, a mere apparition. The abstract artwork is titled "Guardian Angel". More can be seen at

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Escape to connectivity and abstract art

It's a hot summer evening. Four abstract entities are gliding into existence. The pen lines are free to go where they choose. It's an intuitive journey. A 'fleshing out' of forms. The pen line is ideal for this abstract artform. Fluid lines. Four forms. They are distinct entities, but joined, connected by a common purpose. Is it a happy jaunt across the desert? Or an escape from Darfur? Or just abstract art in the form of animated lines and color? Abstract art can raise many questions in the mind of the viewer. Depending on their experience, their frame of mind, the effects of certain colors on their psyche. What was once a blank piece of paper has become a twisted animated surface, once two dimensional, now appearing to be three.

Is the journey over? The destination reached? Or is it the certain knowledge of a new life of uncertainty. The old life- a blank paper?

Abstract art-"Configure"

In the course of creating something new, something abstract, the relationship of one form to the other creates a third meaning. Is one form advancing? Is the other receding? Is the combination of both creating a simultaneous meaning? Adding another compartment creates even more meaning to the relationship but also a certain tension in all three. Is the black square a void that pushes the other elements forward? Are the collage elements locked in behind bars? Is the fiery background a conflagration of anger, due to confinement and lack of room to grow? Are abandoned cities likely to be recaptured by massive trees, freed from confinement and regular pruning? Are the branches enveloping the concrete jungle in a strangulation hold?

The imagination runs wild. Too many documentaries about city life after people... Too many futuristic movies about abandoned towns.

The painting is titled "Configure". Its an abstract combination of acrylic paint, collage and pen drawing.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abstract art-"Bearings"

The dictionary defines bearings as 'parts of machine that bear the friction'; compass direction in which a place etc. lies, The abstract painting above, "Bearing", evolved into the result shown, by painting, scratching and drawing. Bearing the friction on paper. Getting the compass point bearing leading from the periphery to the ball bearings.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Barely Abstract

In my abstract art experiments, I try different techniques. In this case, I tried collage, then attempt to obscure the image with expressionistic brushstrokes. Making the image barely visible. I titled it "Barely". Scaduto in describing Bob Dylan's songs from the 70's wrote " the songs that were beginning to flow from him were growing more transcendent, less concretely objective, increasingly filled with shapes of vivid fantasy, with the motifs out of the collective unconscious." More of my work evolves out of the collective unconscious. Abstract. With no real objective, except to solve the problems on the paper. The color. The composition, or lack of one. The less than discernible forms.The quest for something new. Something transcendent.