Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hierarchy in Abstract art

The definition of hierarchy in the dictionary will not be useful this time. The abstract painting alluded to the interlinking of family and the generations past, the myths, rituals, superstitions that resulted in what we have today. It is an abstract concept translated into a lyrical abstract expressionist form.

It's an experimental work, weaving from corners to the central forms and shapes leading to an undefined form. Background color was later added to the initial pencil drawing. The exploration continues.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Group travel:Escape into abstraction

Have you ever thought about losing everything? Escaping into the night with just the clothes on your back? So often, we read and see these stories, real life brutalities, more macabre and murderous than a Shakespearean tragedy. Unfolding on the nightly news. The genocide in Darfur and other places. The mass movement of thousands, even millions of people to refugee camps. People who once had a home, a family... a life.

One night of mindless slaughter and the panic begins. It's survival and communal, it's the desperate exodus to save the family. It's Group Travel.

Though the title came after the painting, no attempt was made to be descriptive of the real situation, abstract painting, drawing, form and color was used to allude to the tragedies unfolding nightly.

The triptych- "Group Travel" is a combination of acrylic paint, drawing and mixed media techniques on paper.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contemporary Abstract Collage-'Global"

Watching an episode of "Locked Up Abroad", reminded me of a small abstract collage painting I produced a few years ago - "Global".

Global travel is usually meant to be fun, educational or for business connections and development. But with the advent of 9/11, travel has its rewards but also filled with danger. North Korea, Iran and other countries can make innocent explorations a real trial. You could be designated a spy and that could be the beginning of a long and torturous journey back home.

"Global", is an abstract collage using elements of magazine clippings, line drawings, acrylic paint and oil pastels. The aligning of interlocking and diverse elements create new meanings, some ominous.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Abstract art- "Germinate"

Is there anything tougher than a tamarind seed? This hard protective coating would need a sturdy hammer to crack open. Yet, when conditions become favorable, they soften and soon a delicate young shoot emerges. They process is repeated in so many other seeds, preceding germination. Ideas, too, need time to percolate. To be stimulated, then burst forth and emerge. It's a force of nature, defying simple scientific definition.

The abstract painting- "Germinate" merely allude to this phenomenon. Organically evolving on the paper, bounded by flowing lines, a section exceeds the boundary and emerges from the compartment. Is it, like a seed of corn, emerging in a time preceding drought, doomed to wither and die? Or are there gray clouds looming in the distance, signaling stormy conditions, rain and then prosperity? Painted in acrylics and flowing lines, the answer is to be seen.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Abstract art - Exploring a theme

Thinking abstractly, sometimes the thought is to enjoy the most freedom in drawing in a confined compartment. It brings to mind Automatism.

This style can be described as a technique for freeing the imagination to produce creative works that are free of conscious control. It emphasizes the importance of the unconscious as a source of inspiration. Automatism is a technique made famous, initially, by the Surrealists painters. Taking many forms. Many styles.

In a parallel development, Jazz musicians created new styles - such as non-idiomatic improvisation called Free Jazz.

In this series, called "Freeing the Lines" 1-4, the attempt is to create free, abstract, active improvised lines in restricted spaces. Then make small explosions of color at random.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Abstract Art Collage-"Flurry"

"Flurry" is a small abstract art collage, using a combination of pen and ink drawings, small paintings, acrylic painting and a flurry of rapidly drawn lines, vigorously executed.. In a sense, it's a flurry of activity, a flurry of elements combined to create a new combination, a new relationship to each other.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whipping up an Abstract drawing - Flagella

Whipped into Abstraction, into Existence

Artists staring at a blank sheet of paper can be stilled into inaction. Whipping out a pen and drawing in a 'whiplike' manner can start the process of creating a piece of abstract art moving. Randomly moving across the page, in a dream-like fashion, the process continues. Color is slowly added, a scribble here a slashing line there. It's a whirlwind of random acts.

The title came to mind - "Flagella". A flagellum, the singular form, is the latin word for whip. A flagellum is a tail-like structure that projects from the cell body of certain prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and functions in locomotion. An example of a eukaryotic flagellated cell is the sperm cell. The cell uses its flagellum to propel itself through the female reproductive tract and the end result is a new life.

Abstract painting and drawing can encompass many forms, any subject. It's about anything and everything. It evokes meaning, it stimulates emotions, it can be a complex mass, a simple line or the choice of colors that render a poetic feeling visible. It should speak for itself, if anyone is listening. On the other hand, it can be tumultuous and exhilarating as a four storey drop, while sliding down a chute at Aquatica. While trying to look cool to my grandkids.

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