Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More notes on Abstract Art

Further reading in the history of abstract art revealed the opening up of a new world of possibilities in modern art as the era of representational art dimmed. Also as new scientific discoveries were made, abstract art flourished in a parallel universe. Not representing, in an illustrative way, the discoveries, but an opening up of the mind of the artists.

In "Painting in the 20th Century" Werner Haftmann writes "... abstract painting offered possibilities of expressing in pictorial terms the spontaneous processes which take place within the personality. It also provided the associations and suggestions with which an inner experience of reality could be made visible. This pervasive preoccupation with the possibilities of abstract painting resulted in the fact that each painter undertook for himself a fresh speculative examination of pictorial means and formal processes. Meditation and speculation became for the contemporary painter closely related forces which held his creative work in a state of tension."

He also stated that "The inevitable effect of these reflections was that the painters perceived much more clearly the astonishing correspondences between contemporary intuitive and scientific experiences of the world and nature. The complex structure of matter, the concept of mass as dynamic energy, the concept of the magnetic field, the overlappings of time and space, of the finite and infinite, were now seen by the artist for what they really were: parallel manifestations of a more abstract experience of reality, an experience which was fully active in himself also."

Art, in this new way of thinking exploded all over the western world.

Abstract art on paper : "Duality"


In a more structured way, the drawing kept to a loose geometric construction of shapes and forms. Pen, markers acrylic paint and pastels were utilized in a intuitive, flowing pattern. The question of mind and matter, good and evil, man and woman surfaced after.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Abstract art on paper

Here are 3 examples of abstract works on paper done a few years ago. They were executed in pen and ink, acrylics, markers, oil pastels and pastels. Small abstract works on paper, start at times, as a process of 'fleshing out' thoughts and ideas, with the thinking that I'll enlarge and paint a larger version. It rarely happens. I'm more drawn to spontaneous work, tentative, intuitive and largely abstract. The thoughts and ideas evolve as if on a trek into the mind, lost in thought.

The Titles are 1. Contravene 2. Cornices 3. Declining Prude. ( A parody on the ever popular title 'Reclining nude')

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Carving- Abstract drawing

Carving evolved from scratching pen and pencil lines into a form more abstract than real. The pen acting as a chisel. Carving into existence this entity.

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Abstract drawing - Binary

While abstractly drawing, the forms gradually divided itself in two. Like an amoeba cell sub-dividing. Binary Fission.

Has anyone heard the outcome of The Collider? Slamming atoms at nearly the speed of light, in a sense, a small attempt at recreating the "Big Bang".

The action of cell division is also the earliest stage in the human ovum dividing itself after fertilization, orderly, to create a new being.

The drawing is the result of a wandering pen, many thoughts on a variety of fundamental things, then embellished with pastels, conte crayons and oil pastels.

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