Monday, September 7, 2009

Abstract art on the verandah

This abstract digital artwork evolved from a photo of our verandah, full of plants, that has been completely reworked. Digitally painted, retouched, splashed splattered, erased and then reworked again.

The bits and pieces of abstract color are symbolic of many hours spent sipping intensely satisfying cups of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in the morning, watching the misty covered mountain and the sun interplay then sneak over the top. Here I've drawn many sketches, noted many thoughts...seeking to redefine myself, to welcome the new day. To live in the moment. To Awaken the Giant Within. As Tony Robbins states, the single most important step in weeding the gardens of our mind is to interrupt our limiting patterns. So the verandah provides the quiet time to prepare for the new day. Yesterday is past and gone forever, never to return. As some wise person has said- today is a gift, that's why it's called the present. Tobias Wolff states "we define ourselves and our deepest values by the choices we make, day by day, hour by hour, over a lifetime."

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  1. I am not normally a fan of abstract art, but your painting has not been totally abstracted. Even the colours seem bright and almost Fauvist.

    In fact Abstract Art on the Veranda reminds me very much of Matisse and his admirers. I will note just a few paintings of this type that I love:
    Henri Matisse, Woman Sitting Before Window,1904
    Henri Matisse, Open Window Collioure, 1905
    Henri Matisse, The Music Lesson, 1916
    Raoul Dufy, Open Window at Nice, 1928
    Reuven Rubin, Yona Hanavi St. Tel Aviv, 1928
    Reuven Rubin, Pomegranates on My Window
    Grace Cossington Smith, Veranda and Garden from the Artist's Bedroom

    Not a bad group of artists to find yourself mixed in with :)

    Art and Architecture, mainly

  2. Thanks. This high praise indeed, to be associated with such well known artists. I'd like to point out though, this was a photograph of my verandah that I digitally reworked, retouched and used many painting techniques, after many trials to arrive at this end result. Thanks again for your comments. Hope you have time to view my previous blogs, by clicking my blog archive on the right. Your comments are welcome. Errol.

  3. Very nice art! I am sure you can sell it eventually.You are very talented.