Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Year

December 9, my first blog for the new year... I've created some new videos on YouTube. They can be viewed on the side panel on the right. I've been experimenting with music to combine with the videos showing some of my abstract paintings and drawings. They are a challenge, but great fun to make. I spend hours trying new beats, new exotic sounds. The latest-"Abstract Extracts" attempt to replicate sounds you might hear strolling past pulsating night clubs at Hard Rock Cafe. As you stroll, Latin music blasts from the left, opposite is a Jazz Pub, Moving along, the exotic sounds of Morocco, then the hard driving wail of a rock band. The abstract art flashes to the eclectic beats. It's a one minute experiment. I've completed 10 of these experimental works.

Also working on a 16 week program with the publisher of Success magazine, Darren Hardy - "Designing the Best 10 Years of your Life." Hope to really work at it and not drop it after 2 weeks.

Reading about John T. Unger, most of his work are sold thru the Internet using Twitter, his blog and interviews. He is a fan of Hugh McLeod's concept of a Global Microbrand. - " A tiny brand that 'sells' all over the world... the Global Microbrand is sustainable. With it you are not beholden to one boss, one company. one customer, one local economy or even one industry. Your brand develops relationships in enough different places to where your permanent address becomes almost irrelevant."
That sounds like what I'm seeking. Especially in this time of economic turmoil.

I'm also bombarded by offers that virtually guarantee, that I'll make a small fortune every month. If I wasn't firm, I'd be spending hundreds of dollars already. Are there any that really work?

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