Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Abstract Art: Monolithic

Starting to muse about an abstract drawing can 'open a can of worms.' Well, metaphorically anyway. As a line rambles across the paper, new vistas emerge. New forms. New directions. Leading to a new perception, delicately balancing on the periphery of the work, then retreating and returning to a previously recorded area.

Monolithic, a brain-like mass, a homage to brain power and the epic achievements of man. Still, desertification of once fertile areas, continue its relentless trek. Can brain-power be used to create artificial lakes in the desert? Many predict water will become our most precious commodity. Can the engineers start creating the artificial lakes, fed by rivers that pour their resources into the sea. Save the earth, save the people, create artificial lakes in the desert.

Using a ball-point pen, later switching to pen and ink, adding touches of pastel, building the form, a sinewy mass, waiting to be sculpted. Acrylic paint provide the aqueous ground that cements the monolithic structure. A new structure emerges. The experiment continues...

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