Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kandinsky on art

While browsing 'The Blaue Reiter', by Hajo Duchting, about the movement that led to a more modern approach to art and the abstract movement, a number of quotes jumped out.
" Kandinsky here once again, and with great vehemence, stages the destruction of the old worldview, that concept of painting, out of which the new spiritual epoch is to be born. Out of this disintegration of times, he creates a new harmony consisting of contrapuntal pictorial processes, in whose conflicts and collisions - always balanced, never informal - the picture of the spiritual emerges."

Wassily Kandinsky, in 1912 describes the process that was absorbing his thoughts - "clashing discords, loss of equilibrium, 'principles' overthrown, unexpected drumbeats, great questionings, apparently purposeless strivings, stress and longing (apparently torn apart), chains and fetters broken (which had united many), opposites and contradictions - this is our harmony."

Under such contradictory circumstances and clashing thoughts, is it any wonder that abstraction as a solution, would emerge.

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