Friday, July 27, 2012

10 Perplexing Quotes to Better Understand Abstract Art

To better understand and appreciate the variations and complexities Abstract Art, I came across these unexpected quotes:

The truly modern artist is aware of abstraction in an emotion of beauty. (Piet Mondrian)

All painting – the painting of the past as well as of the present – shows us that its essential plastic means we are only line and color. (Piet Mondrian)

In past times when one lived in contact with nature, abstraction was easy; it was done unconsciously. Now in our denaturalized age abstraction becomes an effort. (Piet Mondrian)

Painting abstract expressionistic works are the most challenging as they entail all the elements of a first class realistic piece of work, namely composition, values, etc. which need to be addressed... (Adrienne Moore)

All art is an abstraction to some degree. (Henry Moore)

One of the most striking of abstract art's appearances is her nakedness, an art stripped bare. (Robert Motherwell)

Abstract expressionism was the first American art that was filled with anger as well as beauty. (Robert Motherwell)

For a painter as abstract as myself, the collages offer a way of incorporating bits of the everyday world into pictures. (Robert Motherwell)

I have been continuously aware that in painting, I am always dealing with... a relational structure. Which in turn makes permission 'to be abstract' no problem at all. (Robert Motherwell)

For some, abstract art can be a burden... as even before one can draw a conscious decision as to what is being seen, physiological challenges are being made and processed by the eye and brain, reconstructing the shapes into patterns of recognizable objects. (Robert Lee Munoz)

Any comments? Do these quotes help you understand, more clearly, Abstract Art?

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