Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abstract art - Fused

This contemporary abstract collage painting "Fused" was given this title because it represented a fusion of many art forms. "Fused" combined pen and ink drawings, torn magazine pages, pastel drawings, acrylic paint used in an abstract expressionist style.

Sometimes the elements of a collage are scattered around the studio. How are they to be used to form a composition? Should they be a formal design? Or offbeat? Very often I try something off beat. To invent something new. Strong vertical and horizontal forms? To be different, I choose a diagonal angle to the central compartment. The elements too strong? I try to obscure them with paint. Too unstructured? I try borders and compartments. The surface is too flat? I layer other drawings. The surface lacks texture? Brush strokes of white dance across layers of forms and colors.

The end result of this abstract painting are not smooth and refined. But life is never really smooth. To appreciate the necessity of the rough expression helps one compare and appreciate other smooth forms of beauty. Is there ever a greater calm than after the storm?

Contemporary Abstract art incorporates many styles, forms and abstract thought. What's your definition of abstract art?
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