Thursday, June 11, 2009

Abstract art - Global warner

This abstract painting developed from a wandering pen, drawings using colored markers, pen lines and acrylic layers.

As the artwork evolved, increasingly, I was reminded of 'seers', 'prophets' and people who suddenly seemed to get a vision of what would happen soon, in Jamaica. They would preach on the sidewalks in the busiest bus terminals, on the most jam-packed streets, anywhere the message could be heard - "Repent, the end is coming soon." This could go on for hours. Some curious onlookers would stop and stare. Other would hurriedly leave the area. Unless they got too boisterous no one would bother them. Well almost, there were always a few idlers who would mock them. Then the screaming would really begin - 'Repent! Repent or perish in eternal damnation.'

Though abstract in development, this contemporary artwork evoked nostalgic memories of times past.
Additional abstract paintings, drawings, collages and prints can be found at:

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