Monday, July 6, 2009

Abstract window

How's this for singlemindness? I once read a short article about a photographer who lived in an apartment overlooking Central Park. From a specific window, he recorded the varying changes that occured at certain times of the day, the changes of the seasons, the changes that occured when the weather moved from summer to winter and from stormy to sunny days. The changes must have been remarkable, all from one window, as varied as the patterns on a croton leaf.

From many windows in Jamaica, the views from the north are the hills and mountain ranges, to the south the ports and beaches, the sugar cane fields.

To the east, the rising morning sun, streaming through the mango trees. To the west more trees, the setting sun.

The painting "Window" is an abstract culmination of many views fused together. All sourced from memory and the imagination.

It's an acrylic painted modern abstract artwork, a network of animated, dancing forms. It's a small abstract painting, with much larger implications in an ever changing polluted world.

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