Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fine Art of Wandering Abstractly

Aimlessly wandering around New York City is one of my great joys, on these now rare occasions. There is a surprise on every corner. The longer you stay away, the greater the surprise. Once I hurriedly took an early morning train, transferred to the MTA bus, in great anticipation, for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum. Did I say it was a Monday morning? And they're closed on that day? Well, wandering I did, slowly traversing Central Park. Going to 57th street, where I was an art student in 1970. Remembering the student protests in Columbus Circle. Eating at truck drivers stops. (You get huge helpings, cheap). Those were interesting days.

Wandering, is a pursuit I enjoy. Deliberatly, heading nowhere in particular. My favorite Delicatessen, book shops with old books, antiques, old maps, very old magazines. The Russian Tea Room. I once saw Muhamed Ali on 57th street, near the Art Student League, surrounded by fans. Moving towards Broadway, the theatres, movie houses and peep shows. How can there be so many gift shops in a block?

"Wandering," the abstract collage above, evolved out of a wish not to discard a well drawn map. Obviously of no use to me now, probably inserted in an old National Geographic, I decided to create a collage from it. A central drawing emerged from the now mental 'wandering' across the surface. Collage elements were added. Acrylic paint embellished certain areas. With the advent of GPS in most new cars, a map is now becoming obsolete. Who can read it anyway? Who has the time?

In this abstract collage painting, a new life was restored from an old map.

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