Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Group travel:Escape into abstraction

Have you ever thought about losing everything? Escaping into the night with just the clothes on your back? So often, we read and see these stories, real life brutalities, more macabre and murderous than a Shakespearean tragedy. Unfolding on the nightly news. The genocide in Darfur and other places. The mass movement of thousands, even millions of people to refugee camps. People who once had a home, a family... a life.

One night of mindless slaughter and the panic begins. It's survival and communal, it's the desperate exodus to save the family. It's Group Travel.

Though the title came after the painting, no attempt was made to be descriptive of the real situation, abstract painting, drawing, form and color was used to allude to the tragedies unfolding nightly.

The triptych- "Group Travel" is a combination of acrylic paint, drawing and mixed media techniques on paper.

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