Monday, August 17, 2009

Abstract art- "Germinate"

Is there anything tougher than a tamarind seed? This hard protective coating would need a sturdy hammer to crack open. Yet, when conditions become favorable, they soften and soon a delicate young shoot emerges. They process is repeated in so many other seeds, preceding germination. Ideas, too, need time to percolate. To be stimulated, then burst forth and emerge. It's a force of nature, defying simple scientific definition.

The abstract painting- "Germinate" merely allude to this phenomenon. Organically evolving on the paper, bounded by flowing lines, a section exceeds the boundary and emerges from the compartment. Is it, like a seed of corn, emerging in a time preceding drought, doomed to wither and die? Or are there gray clouds looming in the distance, signaling stormy conditions, rain and then prosperity? Painted in acrylics and flowing lines, the answer is to be seen.

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