Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Abstract Art: Squarely

Fusing the formal with the informal. Contrasting loose swirls of ink with geometric squares and rectangles. Life is like that. Hot days contrasting with cold nights. Light and dark. Good and bad. Abstract and representational. War and peace. Some win others lose. Resolving issues in abstract art is a constant dialectic of countering views.

The introduction of the internet and the web has opened new avenues for better control by the artist in exposing their work to a much wider audience. No longer the strict guiding hand of those who had exclusive access to buyers. Now there is much more control of the way to produce, promote, market and be better rewarded. Recently reading Hazel Dooney and her strong views on controlling every aspect of her work, was an eye-opener. With access to an online gallery -, this blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and my email, I've widened my access to an international audience. Hopefully, sales will follow.

This blog, helps in clarifying my thoughts on art and putting them out in short snippets, that when read in its entirety, will provide a better understanding of what I do, even to myself. At times, I'm inclined to explain the process of painting as a purely intuitive one. But, after painting, drawing and observing the works of countless numbers of artists, reading widely on their thoughts and style, I believe what emerges from my pen and brush is the cumulative output of years of study.

I'm totally engrossed in the creative process, when painting and drawing, oblivious of my surroundings, almost in a semi-conscious state, solving and resolving issues on art. Recently, I've started combining art with musical compositions, uploading on YouTube - This has opened new ideas and thoughts for future developments.

To view other unusual abstract paintings, drawings, collages and digital fusion, visit -

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