Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stolen Oranges- abstract art

I guess it must have happened once too often. And that was it.

Many stories have been told, the one I heard: the owner in a fit of rage, hired a huge tractor and flattened 30 acres of his orange grove. Thieves were reaping more than he did. So he ended their plunder.

The title for the abstract work above, merely alluded to that event. What started as a monotype with black silkscreen ink, was enhanced by acrylic paint and pastels. It was done in a fast abstract expressionist style with little thought given to anything representational. It started with circular shapes that evolved into this final composition.

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  1. Great work! Wish I could see the originals.

  2. Thanks. The original is with me in Jamaica. This one and hundreds of others can be viewed at Hope you get a chance to look at some of them and comment.