Monday, November 30, 2009

Abstract Drawing- A new form emerges

A new form emerges from the barren plateaus of a blank paper. It is pen and ink that extracts it from the mind to the paper.

Notes from"Kandinsky"
Today, I'm reflecting on this quote from Kandinsky:
"The work of art must serve the development and refinement of the human soul: indeed, art is the "daily bread" of the soul. The artist, Kandansky continues, is no Sunday's Child of life. " He has a difficult task to fulfil, which often becomes a cross to bear. He must know that every one of his actions and thoughts and feelings constitutes the subtle, untangible, and yet firm material out of which his works are created, and that hence he cannot be free in life - only in art."

Such profound statements must be digested slowly. What are your views on the opinions of Kandinsky, the father of abstract art? Did his work reflect his words?

The drawing shown and others can be viewed at

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