Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abstract painting- Triad 3

Today, was spent reading emails and avidly following links to gain more information. Topics ranging from how to write a more interesting blog. To write topics that will engage the reader, to hold their attention, amuse and entertain them. In Success magazine - on creating a full life, maximize your days and leave a legacy. Then in my email folder dozens of offers to get rich quickly using online marketing. Great reading.

Now to return to my blog. The painting above was started with a vigorous brush outline in black, green was added to fill the spaces, then white paint was introduced to add volume to what was emerging. Three abstract personages emerged from the ochre background. Were they members of a triad, meeting to plot something sinister? Or were the swirls representing a karate kata? With abstract expressionism, many interpretations can be formed. It's interesting to hear comments by viewers, because individuals 'see' and interpret something that is subjective and relevant to their experiences. Quite different from what I see. After all, I'm using paint, shapes, form, color and texture to arrive at this end result.

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