Friday, November 19, 2010


TODAY'S Contemporary Digital Fusion Gallery #32

Abstract Digital Fusion - "Exultations"
This is the 32nd in a series featuring and showcasing some of my contemporary abstract art paintings, drawings and digital experimentations.
Today's title is "Exultations". These were photos taken at a religious ceremony. The movement, celebrations, colors, energy and devotion were what caught my eye. Then using the photos as a starting point I experimented with many digital tools. The aim was to experiment with the shapes, forms, colors and textures, to reduce them to their most basic forms. Making each composition as different as possible. Religion plays an important role in people's lives, culture and behavior, this was a snippet of one such ceremony.

Using the gallery approach demonstrates how abstract artworks can be displayed on walls in a variety of colors.

The frame around the paintings are used for design purposes to enhance the paintings, the frame is not for sale.

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