Monday, November 8, 2010

TODAY'S Contemporary Abstract Drawing Online Gallery #31

TODAY'S Contemporary Abstract Drawing Online Gallery #31

Contemporary Abstract Art Painting - "Darwin's Random Selection"
This is the 31st in a series featuring and showcasing some of my contemporary abstract art paintings and drawings.
Today's title is "Darwin's Random Selection". This original abstract artwork combines pen and ink drawing, pastels, watercolor, and acrylic paint on paper, mounted on card. The title came at the end of the process, as an ape-like figure appeared at the top. The drawing started as a wandering line traversing the invisible plains. The theory of evolution is a topic of sharp and discordant views. Which side are you on?

Browsing through a '97 issue of Vanity Fair, articles devoted to issues on saving Africa, "Out of Africa" caught my eye. An intriguing article by Spencer Wells, While Homo sapiens can be traced to around 200,000 years ago in the fossil record, it is remarkably difficult to find any archaeological record of our species between 80,000 and 50,000 years ago, and genetic data suggests that, due to extreme climatic conditions, the population eventually dwindled to as few as 2000 individuals.
To quote " And then something remarkable happened. It began slowly, with only a few hints of explosion to come. The first stirrings were ART - tangible evidence of advanced, abstract thought - and a significant improvement in the types of tools humans made. Then, around 50,000 years ago, all hell broke loose. The human population began to expand, first in Africa, then leaving the homeland to spread into Eurasia." It's a fascinating article. Read Vanity Fair, July 2007.

Using the gallery approach demonstrates how abstract artworks can be displayed on walls in a variety of colors.

The frame around the painting is used for design purposes to enhance the paintings, the frame is not for sale.

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