Monday, January 17, 2011

TODAY'S Contemporary Abstract Collage Gallery #36

TODAY'S Contemporary Abstract Collage Gallery #35

Contemporary Abstract Collage Painting
This is the 36th in a series featuring and showcasing some of my contemporary abstract art paintings, drawings, collage and digital experimentations.

Today's title is "The Still of the Morning". This is a collage of photos, paintings, and drawings, found in the studio. Collage is a layering of thoughts, musings and personal history using various media to convey new meanings to the individual pieces. It gives a new life to found objects, paper, photos, drawings, paintings by combining them and creating them into a new form.

Using the gallery approach demonstrates how abstract artworks can be displayed on walls in a variety of colors.

The frame around the paintings are used for design purposes to enhance the paintings, the frame is not for sale.

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