Monday, December 20, 2010

TODAY'S Contemporary Abstract Painting Gallery #35

TODAY'S Contemporary Abstract Painting Gallery #35

Contemporary Abstract Acrylic Painting
This is the 35th in a series featuring and showcasing some of my contemporary abstract art paintings, drawings and digital experimentations.

Today's title is "A Complex History". Much of human history came from small discoveries- fire, the wheel, tools, agriculture, utensils. some shared, some kept in secret, others obscured by time. Some civilizations create massive enduring monuments, some societies are excellent sailors and fishermen, but live in primitive huts. Other great societies fly men to the moon, while nomadic tribes exist in the desert on a handful of grains. Such is the diverse and complex history of man...

From an unlikely series of structures, new forms emerge from them. Are they a composition of random selection or survival of the fittest or the smartest?

Using the gallery approach demonstrates how abstract artworks can be displayed on walls in a variety of colors.

The frame around the paintings are used for design purposes to enhance the paintings, the frame is not for sale.

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