Monday, April 13, 2009

Abstract art - Awakening

Paul Klee makes reference to his art while working on a blank sheet, 'to render visible', that is to make the images appear that are hidden in the sheet. To, metaphorically 'carve out' the images that's emanates from the mind, the muse and the paper. "Awakening Molecules" that abstract expressionist art on the right evolved in the same kind of process. The pen line moved over the surface, a curve, an angle, grows. It seems almost like the alimentary canal, growing in complexity, widening its tentacles across the page. Like an organic mass it spreads across the page. the molecules multiplying as the hand moves the pen across the page. An organism, an art object, with an aesthetic life of its own. The drawing/painting becoming visible, almost on its own accord. Washes of acrylic paint, pastel and coloured pens enhance the shape to add volume to the mass. To see other works visit

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