Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art and urban renewal

I once embarked on a journey from Fort Lauderdale to New York. It lasted about 27 hours. The family members who accompanied me were not amused. The journey seemed endless. It was 1994 and portable video games were not inventd yet. So a glum look was what travelled with them. With 7 magazines at my side I was very comfortable. The architecture changed from Miami modern to farming houses. But what struck me was, perhaps, an obvious observation- the train stations were in the oldest part of the cities. And with that, the garbage collection, it seems, suffered.

The drawing:"Detritus" above, evolved from thoughts about the neglect of older, inner cities. In a never ending crisis due to a lack of funds, everywhere in the world, the older sections are forgotten or neglected. No wonder people move farther and farther away to the suburbs, adding to non-productive commuting times, morning and evening. Hours lost daily. Urban renewal, is a solution, but it has never gotten the funding necessary to really jumpstart the change. Except, South Beach and the Art District in Miami. These once neglected areas, have become the hottest real estate properties for residential and commercial use. Many studios and galleries are flourishing there.

I digress, the drawing, though not what I set out to do, originally, evolved into 'Detritus at the base of walls.'

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