Friday, April 10, 2009

Abstract art- a new form emerges

The drawing shown emerged from simple scribbles, then following the concentric line a shape emerged. Colors are added. I enjoy using a pen to begin the process, it lays a foundation, a skeleton on which I can add color, add more lines, texture anything that comes to mind. Music is playing low, sometimes its a classical piece and the thoughts soar. Add a light background, the pace of the music quickens, the pen line moves, sometimes in unison, a crescendo, perhaps some red is required. And so the interplay of thoughts, music, with the hand and mind working together. When the music stops, the thoughts change... is it finished? Perhaps a parallel effect to the left? or the top? This is the kind of process that takes place. The result is abstract. Abstract art. A new form emerges. That's the title of this piece. More of my work can be found at

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