Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art from the Barbershop

What could be more fluid - a wandering mind, black oil pastel, smoothily crossing the paper. The end result, it seems, resemble a Picasso etching viewed many years ago. On the right, it seems, curiously, like someone in a barber chair. The barber chair reminds me of a line from Pablo Neruda -
" A whiff from a barbershop does it : I yell bloody murder
All I ask is a little vacation from things: from boulders and woolens,
from gardens, institutional projects, merchandise.
eyeglasses, elevators -I'd rather not look at them."

Art, to me, is like that- it transports you to another time and place. Another era. Abstract art evokes thoughts far removed from mere depictions in a representative manner. Viewed at different times of the day, in a different light, new thoughts emerge. It has the power to rejuvenate itself, precisely because it is not something that you quickly identify, recognise, and then have no real desire to review again. Is the pale yellow background, just a back and forth rubbing of pastels? Or is it the steaming hot sun on a mid summer day in July? More paintings and drawings can be viewed at

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