Friday, April 24, 2009

Modern art- new forms

"Emerging patterns" evolved out of a slowing down in the traversing of the line. The more freedom the lines were given, this time, the more it 'didn't feel right'. So I began to compartmentalize some areas. Then working in the confines of this smaller area, the more the forms and ideas grew.

Quincy Jones, in 1957, moved to Paris to study music composition. The best advice he got was from his music tutor, Nadia Boulanger who told him- "The more you restrict yourself, musically, the more freedom you have".

The idea of restricting myself in small areas of a painting, one section at a time, was the more freedom and satisfaction I derived from the work. Leaving areas of color, so that more focus could be made of the animated section, created a visual balance to the abstract work. When is a piece of abstract art completed? When you can go no further. However some pieces will take years to feel completed, after many retouches. A change of background color. An abstract element. The addition of collage elements. The additions could be endless.

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