Monday, April 20, 2009

Abstract difficulties

This drawing evolved out of a random use of stacatto lines to begin a thought process to completition. The bird seemed to land itself in the midst of this abstraction of lines, tentative then bold. It brings to mind, my annual observation of birds making their nests in various trees. A few months later the almost constant screams of the young birds, as the frantic parents try to satisfy their ever growing hunger. Soon they can no longer fit in the nest. Then it's time to leave. They make tentative attempts leaping from branch to branch. Then farther afield. Always hungrily watched by visiting stray cats. The aggressive parents are always attacking or distracting unwanted visitors. But, on leaving the nest, there's no turning back. No return to the protected comfort of the nest and the regular supply of warm food, fed to the youngsters. The title-' Difficult flight' came after the artwork was completed.

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