Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abstract art-collage-"Corrugate"

In Abstract Art and Collage, juxtaposing one element against the next, changes the relationship immediately. Is one larger than the other? Is it the color, the texture that contrast against the other? It it night or day? Collage and abstract art fuse well together. In this collage, the corrugated cardboard with its rough edges contrast the smoother paper with its bold colors. Drawings are pasted, then subdued in misty colors. Its an abstract contemporary composition against a black ground, night meeting day. Are elements corroding each other.

It's difficult to accurately define this kind of art. Abstract art. Modern Art. Expressionistic art. Created from a build up, a synthesis of elements placed beside, above, hiding some, revealing others in an ongoing process. Painting, splashing, drawing, scratching, pasting, any device to get at the truth. The truth that lies hidden on the paper. Hidden in the mind, waiting to be revealed on the paper or whichever ground is used.

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