Thursday, May 14, 2009

Portals reduced to abstraction

Digital abstract art experiments, usually start with a digital photo. Then it's attacked, digitally, and many 'painterly' transformation starts to take place. Employing various techniques opens many new possibilities, dark colours, replaced by bright colors and the work begins an improvisational dance. A flattening of form. The work becomes less visibly representational and increasingly abstract. A juggling of elements. The unusual emerges, a new entity is released, Sometimes, it's the start of a new kind of exploration. A series seem like the only solution, so that the theme can be fully studied.

In this transformation of an interior, the whole scene is relentlessly reduced to colored diagonal lines. Dark,brooding lines, aside bright ones, an interplay of unusual colors. What lies ahead? This abstract digital experiment is titled "Elph portals." More abstract digital art can be seen at

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