Thursday, May 28, 2009

Darwin in abstraction - the debate

This abstract artwork developed after I thought of doing a pen and line approach this time. Sometimes changing the medium, whether starting with pen lines, painting with a brush or using collage elements can trigger further thoughts and approaches. Here I stuck with a fluid line, wandering across the page. Abstract lines flowing, shapes forming, finally a head-like structure at the top. But the lines, flat in the beginning, began to require more volume. Subtle shading, gave the forms a swollen animated appearance. Shading the edges, short staccato lines added to the bulbous, swollen forms. Still colorless abstract forms. Then color was added to give additional depth to the forms and the object became more animated, more alive. Soft acrylic washes were added to the forms as well as the background.

The title 'Darwin" came to mind after the artwork was finished. Currently, the debate about Charles Darwin's theory of evolution rages on. The Catholic and Anglican Church appear to be more tolerant in the face of scientific evidence unfolding. The Fundamentalists, less tolerant, will not hear of any discussion other than the earth was made in seven days and God created man on the third day. I wonder what Abraham, father of the 3 great religions would be saying. Were there any awareness of dinosaurs in his time? Or that earth appears to have been evolving for many millions of years?

This is a small work-8.5 by 11 inches. Small is beautiful. Sometimes small works can trigger larger meaning and thoughts.
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