Thursday, May 7, 2009

Escape to connectivity and abstract art

It's a hot summer evening. Four abstract entities are gliding into existence. The pen lines are free to go where they choose. It's an intuitive journey. A 'fleshing out' of forms. The pen line is ideal for this abstract artform. Fluid lines. Four forms. They are distinct entities, but joined, connected by a common purpose. Is it a happy jaunt across the desert? Or an escape from Darfur? Or just abstract art in the form of animated lines and color? Abstract art can raise many questions in the mind of the viewer. Depending on their experience, their frame of mind, the effects of certain colors on their psyche. What was once a blank piece of paper has become a twisted animated surface, once two dimensional, now appearing to be three.

Is the journey over? The destination reached? Or is it the certain knowledge of a new life of uncertainty. The old life- a blank paper?

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