Thursday, May 7, 2009

Abstract art-"Configure"

In the course of creating something new, something abstract, the relationship of one form to the other creates a third meaning. Is one form advancing? Is the other receding? Is the combination of both creating a simultaneous meaning? Adding another compartment creates even more meaning to the relationship but also a certain tension in all three. Is the black square a void that pushes the other elements forward? Are the collage elements locked in behind bars? Is the fiery background a conflagration of anger, due to confinement and lack of room to grow? Are abandoned cities likely to be recaptured by massive trees, freed from confinement and regular pruning? Are the branches enveloping the concrete jungle in a strangulation hold?

The imagination runs wild. Too many documentaries about city life after people... Too many futuristic movies about abandoned towns.

The painting is titled "Configure". Its an abstract combination of acrylic paint, collage and pen drawing.
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