Monday, May 18, 2009

Averting ecological disaster

Could I have averted ecological disaster? A decade ago, a hedge of crotons, about a dozen trees to be exact, were thriving on the eastern section of my home. I took photos of it, A close-up of a leaf soon revealed a nest of white flies, thickly encrusted on the underside of the leaves. The flower shops recommended a pesticide, friends suggested using dishwashing liquid. Others suggested drastic pruning. But all efforts failed. The flies had their day. Ecological damage, it seemed was not only caused by man, but also the relentless reproduction of millions of insects. Hollywood is right, one day we'll be overtaken by insects. Invasion by the millions, insect sprays can only have limited effect as they relentlessly invade and destroy everything edible in sight.
Fortunately, I, with terror-filled eyes sat upright. Awakened from a page torn out of a Kafka novel, but alive.

The semi-abstract artwork "Avert" is a collage, using photos, stamps, acrylic paint and threads.
More abstract, abstract expressionist and contemporary drawings, paintings, prints and multiples can be viewed at

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